Department of Electronic Engineering - Vision y Mission


The Universidad Tecnológica Nacional has been conceived since its inception as an institution open to all men capable of contributing to the development process of the Argentine economy, with a clear awareness of its commitment to welfare and social justice, its respect for science and the culture, and the need of its contribution to the progress of the Nation and the regions that compose it, vindicating the imprescriptible values of the freedom and dignity of the Argentine people, and the harmonious integration of the social sectors that compose it.


It is the MISSION of the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional: to create, preserve and transmit the products of the scientific, technological and cultural fields for the full training of man as a recipient of that culture and technique, extending its actions to the community to contribute to its development and transformation.


For such purposes, the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional must fulfill the purpose of achieving the objectives detailed below.

In relation to the academic:

a) Prepare qualified professionals in the field of technology capable of acting with efficiency, responsibility, creativity, critical sense and social sensitivity, to meet the needs of the productive partner, and to generate and undertake innovative alternatives that promote sustainable national economic development and regional, within a framework of justice and social solidarity.

b) Promote and develop studies and research contributing to the improvement and development of the national wealth, the provision of scientific and technical assistance to public and private entities for the promotion, promotion, organization and direction of production.

In relation to the regional and local:

Extend its actions and services to all the regions and localities of the country that are the seat of its different academic dependencies, responding to its federal character and to a territorially balanced development.

In relation to the national:

Promote the autonomous and sustainable development of the Argentine industry, and the consolidation of the sector of SMEs as a substantial source of employment and contribution to the domestic market and export.

In relation to the International:

Increase its presence in the international context through links with institutions and organizations related to engineering education and with all other areas of knowledge, fostering spaces for dialogue, exchange of experiences, concerted policies and articulations & nbsp; In order to promote its protagonism in the face of the challenges of the international society.

In relation to science and technology:

Develop research, agreeing on the maximum facilities for its realization, defining and prioritizing modes of action that serve its interests and that promote the welfare of society and the productive development of the country.

In relation to the social:

Extend their actions and their services to the community in order to contribute to their full development and to their transformation towards a more solidary society that provides a better quality of life to its members. That is why, the National Technological University enshrines the right to unrestricted entry and free education in their degree programs.

In relation to the cultural humanistic:

Commit to the comprehensive training of its graduates, enriching scientific and technological knowledge with products from other areas of universal and national culture, and ethical values that defend true and caring men.


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