Secretariat of Extension and Culture - Functions

1.2 - Undersecretary of Graduates


Maintain a close relationship between the graduate, the Faculty and society as a whole, providing the necessary tools and support for their employment, ensuring their development and continuous professional growth.


3.31 - Community Extension Department:

  • Offer tools that favor the labor insertion of our graduates and link them with companies in the medium that may require their professional services.
  • Build a permanent training and updating space for graduates according to their different specialties.
  • Keep the graduate informed through various means of communication on current issues of the Faculty, extracurricular activities that take place in it, special events, events, and news of general interest.
  • Promote the participation, assessment and ranking of the graduate in the institutional life of the UTN.
  • Promote the improvement of the quality of life of the graduates and their integral formation through the development of cultural, artistic, social, recreational and sports activities.

1.3 - Undersecretariat of Technological Linkage


Promote actions of connection with the national and international environment; and the promotion of innovation and technological development.


3.32 - Department of Linkage and Technology Transfer:

  • Promote and develop mechanisms for linking research and development groups with the environment in general and the productive sector in particular.
  • Support and coordinate the activities of technological linkage and provision of services to third parties carried out by the Faculty as a whole.
  • Promote ventures, projects, plans and / or technological innovation programs that involve joint work University - Company.
  • Promote the Development and Supply of Technological Services to the Society of the Province of La Rioja, the Northwest Argentine Region, the Country and the integration to International University Networks or Scientific and Technological Research.
  • Develop strategies to strengthen the growth of the Technology Transfer Programs in the Faculty.
  • Disseminate and consolidate the National Internship Program of P.E.N. in the field of Industry and Commerce.


3.33 - Department of Culture, Press and Protocol:

  • Promote the linkage and effective insertion of the Faculty with its environment, promoting spaces for cultural activities, social welfare, sports, etc.
  • Communicate the actions and achievements of the Regional Faculty to its environment and means of influence, propelling to the knowledge thereof about the benefits and potentialities it generates as social and cultural assets in the field of its competences; and that they are accessible to all social actors in the corresponding modalities.

Its objectives are:

  • Design, plan and execute the actions of institutional communication of the developments generated by the Faculty, in the different areas of management of the same and that are of interest to the environment, their knowledge.
  • Design and establish the best communication tools (bulletins and periodicals in different media, among others).
  • Link graphic, radial and other media with the Regional Faculty, in the modalities that correspond, in order to communicate with the social environment, and with the Technological Community.
  • Handle all the internal information of the Regional Faculty, through bulletin boards, email mailing, etc.
  • Understand the organization of Institutional Acts, designing the protocol rules to follow.


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