Academic Secretary - Mission

Directing the academic work of the institution, promoting excellent educational practices, teaching quality, updating and curricular innovation, and the generation and preservation of documentation related to undergraduate careers, such as term careers. Understand the processing, study, resolution and execution of matters related to teaching, students and graduates, in order to ensure the provision of academic support services to the substantive activity of the Faculty. To intervene in the formation of objectives and relative policies of the teaching through the definition of strategic profiles of the careers, collaborating with the different Departments so that the formation of the students favors the development of the research projects and the rendering of services oriented in that same direction. Work continuously on issues related to the processing of competitions, academic career, appointments, hiring and renewal of teachers and teaching assistants. Monitor the academic performance of students and adopt policies accordingly in order to facilitate the learning process. Plan, develop, coordinate and carry out the University Seminar for admission to the Regional Faculty in their degree programs, paying particular attention to establishing actions of academic articulation with the Middle and Higher Education. Coordinate the administrative process of admission, registration and the tasks inherent to the academic registration of students, until the issuance of degrees. Understand the activities concerning the Library Service and the dissemination of information.


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