Técnico Universitario en Electrónica

Scope of Title

The Resolution No. 1971 of August 12, 1994 of the Ministerio de Cultura y Educación grants national validity to the title of Técnico Universitario en Electrónica, with the scopes that are detailed below:

Act as assistant of the professional of degree in the: study, feasibility, project, direction and construction. Perform the: installation, commissioning, testing, measurements, maintenance, repair, modification, transformation and inspection of:

  • Subsystems, equipment, components, parts, pieces of analog and digital sound and signaling systems including associated link means of any kind.
  • Systems, subsystems, equipment, components, parts, pieces (hardware) of electronic data processing in all its explanations, including its associated programming (Software), excluding the transmission of data in open networks.
  • Installations that use electric power as an accessory to what is detailed in the previous paragraphs.
  • Laboratories of all types related to the previous paragraphs, except civil works.



The present curricular design maintains the possibility of implementing the intermediate degree of University Technician in Electronics, allowing a work exit before concluding the specialty, enabling the students an occupational insertion.

The Intermediate Degree will grant with the approval of the first four levels of the study plan.


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