Brief Historical Review about the creation of the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional

On August 19, 1948, Law 13229/48 was enacted, which in its Chapter 2 established the creation of the Universidad Obrera Nacional, as a higher institution of technical education, under the National Commission of Professional Learning and Guidance.

They could enter students coming from the superior cycle of the dependent schools of the Commission, or in their defect of the Industrial schools of the State.

In all cases, they had to develop, parallel to their university studies, a work activity related to the career that is being studied; at the time it was established to grant the graduates the title of Ingeniero de Fábrica, in the corresponding specialties.

By means of Decree N ° 3014 (promulgated on 07-10-1952), the Regulation of Organization and Functioning of the University was approved. A year later, the courses of the Regional Faculties of Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Mendoza, Rosario and Santa Fe were inaugurated.

On October 14, 1959 Law 14,855 was enacted, disaffiliating the National Workers University of the aforementioned former Commission, and thereafter began to operate within a legal regime and autarky with the name of Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (U.T.N.).

Our History

The Unidad Académica La Rioja was created in 1986, by resolution of the Higher University Council of the Rectorate with direct dependency of the Facultad Regional Mendoza.

In this way, the local and provincial students had the option of studying the Ingeniería Electromecánica career, whose curricular design included six years of study.

In 1993 the educational offer was extended with the incorporation of the Ingeniería en Construcciones career, of the same duration as the previous one.

The Universidad Tecnológica Nacional has the privilege of being the most federal of all the Universities in the country since it has 24 Regional Faculties and 5 Academic Units..

An example of this distribution is the Facultad Regional La Rioja who takes this new status as of December 19, 2005; when in assembly assembled in the Facultad Regional de Avellaneda and on the occasion of the election of the Rector of UTN (in which finally achieves a new period of government Mr. Carlos Brotto), it deals with the regionalization of the Academic Units of La Rioja and Concordia, which through the vote of 352 accredited counselors of the 366 that exist in the 29 Regional Faculties, approve the pass of the houses of high studies to Regional Faculties.

From this Historical Assembly a delegation of more than forty people participated, including students, teachers, non-teachers and graduates of our Institution, in addition to the accompaniment of the highest authorities of the Facultad Regional La Rioja: Eng. Diego Di Lorenzo and Lic. Walter Flores , Dean and Vice Dean normalizers respectively..

Thus, and for 20 years now, UTN La Rioja has been offering students from our province as well as neighboring provinces the option of pursuing three degree courses: INGENIERÍA CIVIL and INGENIERÍA ELECTRÓNICA of six years and INGENIERÍA ELECTROMECÁNICA with five years of course.

To this educational offer must also be added the postgraduate courses, specialization courses and techniques that year after year are renewed seeking to give an exit of improvement to the professionals of technical profile, as well as in a new context of the opening of the University, to those who they have to do with the social sciences.


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